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Our Mission
Plate Locate is committed to helping repossession agencies and lenders increase their recovery rates without increasing their financial risk.
Cost Effective
Plate Locate provides completely free and confidential searches to our clients. Combining one low price with a prompt and fair money back guarantee, our precise vehicle location service is affordable to every company. 

The privacy of our client's information, including searches, is of paramount concern. No information is ever disclosed to unauthorized third parties, for any purpose.
Plate Locate is in compliance with all state and federal laws, and only lends its services to legally entitled companies.

Serving the needs of our clients in the most efficient manner possible is our top priority. We hope you'll find the web-based search interface to be a simple tool for instantly acquiring vital information with minimal effort.

Partners in Technology
Plate Locate uses the latest technology to provide our clients with all the advantages and none of the difficulties of staying on the cutting edge.